Friday, September 16, 2011

Buy Your Tickets TODAY for the Mobile Food Rodeo

Buy your tickets TODAY for the Seattle Mobile Food Truck Rodeo!!
Why you ask?
Well let me tell you.

If you buy them now, you get the entry ticket for $8.50 (after fees), plus you get a $3.00 voucher good at any of the food trucks. 
However, if you just show up tomorrow you have to pay $10.00 and you don't get any voucher! 

Need I say more? Ok maybe I do. Because why should someone have to pay to go to a food truck? has your answer:
"This isn’t just a parking lot full of great food trucks, it’s an experience with live music, live art, contests, tons of hay barrels, cowboy hats and even a Trophy Cupcake eating contest!!
But, this is still 100 % about the best mobile food in town. So enough of the build up already….We are introducing some seriously tasty signature dishes to keep your taste buds salivating at this Mobile Food Rodeo. Think you’ve tried them? Well you haven’t, as these prized dishes set to debut for the the very first time as part of the Seattle Met’s Wagon Awards competition.
That’s right! The Mobile Food Rodeo is the ONLY place to get your hands on these dishes! Our favorite mobile food trucks are cooking up brand new signature dishes for the Wagon Awards this year to be judges by our guest judges and audiences. That right!"
Music, art, cowboy hats, cupcakes and new dishes! Ok I'm done. 

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