Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Choice to Remember: Short Film Fest!!!

It's a dark and cold night in Tucson. You're sitting at home, wondering what to do with yourself. "Maybe I'll do some laundry" you say to yourself, or perhaps tackle that Gmail Inbox, or something else equally boring and easily procrastinate-able. I realize a night spent doing something "productive" like this is easy to justify in the moment, especially when it's cold out, you're tired and you think driving 10 min sounds like a long way. But the problem is that by next week, a night like that will merge into the fuzzy gray blank that characterizes most of your mundane life.

Instead, I offer you a choice. A chance to make a decision that will alter your life is a small but memorable way. Months and years from now, you'll look back on this night and remember. You'll be able to point to that night when you laughed seated next to a stranger and a friend, when later, you shed a small tear and wiped it away before anyone could see it. When you saw that one little 5 min film that nailed you and you couldn't stop thinking about....

This could be you.
Or you could just stay at home.
It's up to you.

But as for me I'll be at one of my favorite film events of the entire year. Something I look forward to with such zeal that I alter travel plans and break dates just to be able to go. It's the Academy Nominated Shorts screening at the Loft and it's awesome.
Or if nothing else, way better than what you'd be doing otherwise.

Here's a few other things you can look forward to if you go.
-beer or coffee, pick your pleasure
-pizza on tap
-cheap popcorn
-free smells
-big curtains in front of the screen that roll back when the movie starts
-lots of people that clap after each film shows
-short spans of attention are required to watch SHORTS
-they're all pretty good cause they're nominated for an Academy Award
-sitting next to me. I know, pretty exciting.


-2 NIGHTS ONLY!! Wednesday (as in tomorrow!) is the Animated Shorts, Thursday is the Live Action.
-starts at 7:30 each night, but you should get there a bit early
-only $6.00 each night or $10.00 for both. What a bargain!

Loft Cinema Special Events

If you you're not in Tucson find out where the closest screening is to you here:

Event Locations Nationwide

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