Monday, October 13, 2008

Shoes to Live By

I love my shoes. 


They’ve got style.  They’ve got class.  They're way comfortable.  They're versatile. You can dress em up or dress em down.  Pair em with Jeans, wear em with Khakis.  It’s all good.  No matter how bad your fashion sensibilities are, you can't screw this up.  I've had people at work ooggle over them (this is true).  I've had people stop me on the street and ask me where they can get a pair (this is a lie, but I bet people wanted to ask).  

I’ve had them about 5 months now.  They aren’t showing many signs of wear- and I’m really hard on shoes.  I once bought a pair of Steve Madden's and just wore them for work.  They fell apart after less than six months.  $80 bucks down the drain.  These on the other hand these are remarkably well built and durable.  And did I mention comfortable?  When I put them on for the first time I wondered if I'd ever had a pair of shoes before that truly fit me.  It's like I'm going to work everyday wearing bathroom slippers.

 Seriously guys, (or ladies who have guys that need a new pair of shoes) get these shoes.  You won’t regret it.  Just hurry.  I think I’m gonna go buy another pair before they stop making them or something.  I might grab the last pair ever and with it, your last chance to be hip.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Tucson Eat Yourself

Well I've been looking forward to it all year and it's finally here.  Tucson Meet Yourself. Otherwise know as Tucson Eat Yourself.  It's billed as a celebration of the people and culture of Tucson.  However, it's really all about the food.  

-30 food boothes
-3 stages or entertainment
-50,000 plus people to watch

I'll be one of them.  If you can find me Saturday around lunch time I'll buy you a Chicken Satay.  

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Carve Your own Obama

Whether you see him as a Savior on Capital Hill...or the most likely candidate to be named the AntiChrist in 2008, you can't deny that Obama fever is sweeping the country.  For those of you with a Leftward lean in your gait you might want to check out what is sure to be an exciting new ad campaign for Obama.  Which may, in the end, prove to be the grain of sand that tips things Obama's way.  *as a disclaimer, my friend Josh Jeter who helped start this site says they aren't making any money off this deal.  Just spreading the Obama love.

The Idea:  Carve your own pumpkin with catchy Obama related images.  And the cool thing is you can download your pick of stencils from their site and then send them your picture with your carved pumpkin and they'll (perhaps) post your photo.  You too can reach across the aisle and be a catalyst for "Change"  by hosting your own BYOPumpkin party. During an upcoming debate, host a  bi-partisan pumpkin carving contest, with a discussion following.  Prizes given for best pumpkin etc, Best impersonation, etc.  

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Thai Tom's. beyond good.

It always goes the same way for me. I fly into Seattle. I pull my bag from the turnstile, I traverse escalator to rental car, rental car to freeway, freeway to 45th Ave exit, park, walk, then (finally) Thai Tom’s. I approach the small door, usually there’s a line outside. Inside I sit down at on the small bar stool, my shoulders practically touching the people to either side of me as I squeeze in. I sit a behind the small bar, directly in front of me is the stove. Upon this humble gas stove such delights for the stomach are produced it boggles the mind! The Thai man in front of the stove moves with a flurry and an ease around his small kitchen. He is the miastro, the food his orchestra. You think I’m exaggerating, but it’s true. He employees a man who’s entire job is keep stocked the bins of veggies etc and to catch his used pans which he quickly swaps out with each new dish. Typically he’s furiously working on 4 or 5 dishes at once. Curries, noodles, and vegetables combine is a musical sizzling hiss. The thick aromas of spice and sauce are nearly too much for this hungry stomach to stand. With a flick of his wrist he tosses the contents of a wok into the air; a flame bursts from the stove casting its warmth on my smiling face.

I’m handed a heavy, wooden board that is the menu. I scan through it, knowing whatever I choose will be unbelievably tasty. Do I want a peanut sauce with chicken and vegetables or the Panang curry? Or maybe the Cashew Chicken? But then again the Swimming Rama is out of this world. I look to my right, as a student is using his chop stick to clean literally EVERY SINGLE curry covered rice grain from his bowl. I order. I wait.

And then I eat.

And my nose starts to run from the spice.

And sweat breaks out under my eyes.

And I’m in love…

A few pointers when you go:

-This is no gringo’s spice. They rank from 1 to 5 star of spice and they aren’t kidding around. I’ve gone as high as 9 stars and as low as 2. I’ve finally decided that 3 or 4 stars is plenty spicy while minimizing the price you’ll have to pay later.

-Don’t go with more than 3 people if you want anything approaching a conversation. Best to go alone or with one other person.

-The lines can be long.

-If you want your food fast, call your order in and even during the busiest times, you’ll have a steaming to-go package in 15 to 20 minutes or less.

-Honestly, I’ve never had anything on the menu that isn’t delicious. However, I would say the perfect meal at Thai Tom would be to share two dishes. Make one a peanut based sauce and the other a noodle based stir fry. One of my favorite combos is the Peanut Sauce veg paired with the Cashew Chicken.

-Oh, and cash only.

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