Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cookie from Heaven

I just had the best cookie of my life.

Maybe my blood sugar was out of whack and the cookie hit that needed sweet spot. Or maybe it was the crack cocaine they put in this thing, but I'm telling you it was out-of-control good. So good in fact that I may never be able to enter Macrina's again with out eating one. And for only $2, how can one NOT justify the buying the best cookie of one's life?

So you're probably wondering, "what kind of cookie was this?" Well let me tell you. It was a ginger-molasses cookie sent from the heaven. It wasn't too gingery, it was nice and sweet, with a touch of salty(?) something to balance it out. And then there was the texture. It was this glorious soft, yet chewy combo with slight hint of crispiness only around the edges. It was just perfect. Go get one. Now.

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