Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Gospel According to Helena

She loves to sing
She knows she may not even be that good
What does it mean when somebody
Loves to do something
So much
Doesn't care
Whether or not
It makes any sense to the world

What does it mean when somebody
Does something just because
It makes her feel more alive
Opens her eyes

What does it mean when somebody
Does something just because
She's missing God
And wonders if she always will

She must know that all good songs
Are a form of prayer

Copyright 2007, Linford Detweiler (of Over the Rhine)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rainy Day Music: Ghosts of the Great Highway

"Ghosts of the Great Highway" by Sun Kil Moon sounds particularly good on this rainy Seattle morning. This is an album that doesn't beat you over the head with pop simplicity, but instead quietly slips in the side door of your brain with its poignant, haunting, well crafted bits of musical complexity. Definitely one of my favorites of the last year or so. Josh Jeter, thanks once again for showing me the musical light.

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p.s. Also a great album for studying/reading. It's hard to find these after all.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Red Mill Burger should be called Red Mill Onion Ring

Burger, Cheese, Bun and Bacon comes together in a special way at Red Mill Burger. It’s currently on my short list of best burgers in Seattle. While the burgers are really great here, it’s in the onion rings that real magic happens.

I repeat. Don’t go to Red Mill without trying the onion rings. I, who don’t consider myself to be a big onion ring fan in general, can’t get enough of these things. Why? Unlike most onion rings that are more bready batter than onion, Red Mill serves them up huge hot crispy rings accented with a crumbly corn meal batter. This spin on the usual onion ring equation results in a deep fried goodness is a crispy, flavorful onion experience that nicely compliments the still present onion taste instead of overwhelming it like your standard onion ring does.

-Watch for the huge pile of pre-cooked bacon stacked next to the grill.
-Their lemonade is pretty good.
-In the Phinney Ridge location, look for the hand written noted that a kid sent Red Mill. It’s pretty darn cute. Sadly, I heard the same kid went into coronary arrest at age 17. (kidding)
-I always get the blue cheese and bacon burger. It’s very good. I can’t attest to the rest but I’m sure their tasty too.
-cash only
-closed Mondays