Friday, September 2, 2011

1 Reel Film Festival or What I Would Be Doing This Weekend if I Were Around Seattle

I'm leaving town this weekend.

But if I weren't, this is what I'd be doing:

1 Reel Film Festival

SIFF Cinema is using Bumbershoot as excuse to have a little mini-fest.
This is good news to you loyal reader because you get to experience some of the best short films from around the world.

Top Picks would be:

-Best of SIFF Audience Choice Shorts at 4:30pm on Sunday.
-Astonishing Tales, Sunday at 7:00pm
-Around the World in 50min, Monday at 1:00pm.
-Cupid Attack, Sunday at 2:00pm

Really you can't go wrong. Just go.


ambarbee said...

THis is my first trip to your blog. 1. I love the title. :) 2. the background photo is AMAZING!!! 3. I would totally be going to this if I weren't going backpacking with you and our lovely little group!!! :) -- Amanda

rebecca joy said...

welcome baaaaaaaaaaack!